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Delivery Partner:
BEAR Scotland

Curriculum Links:
Technology and Engineering

Suitable Audience:
P5, P6, P7, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available Sept 2022 - Jun 2023

Timetable Availability:
Can be delivered flexibly at a time which fits the school timetable on a Monday - Friday (AM or PM)

Number of Sessions:
4 sessions that can be delivered individually as standalone sessions or as a series of 2 to 4 sessions

Session Duration:
45 minutes

Repetition Frequency:
As often as required

Max Capacity:

Four stand-alone lessons will focus on raising awareness of the diversity of different engineering professions and skills required to manage and maintain the trunk roads and bridges in Scotland. BEAR Scotland will showcase the range of different engineering types, give practical experience and insight into designing and building bridges and introduce how we respond to climate change and the increased need for sustainable drainage solutions. Each lesson is complemented with follow on practical and fun challenges for learners to apply their skills and deepen understanding.

Complete one, two, three or all four sessions:

  • Session One: BEAR Cub Engineers - The aim of the first session will be to explore the huge range of skills learners are developing and show links to the wide range of different engineering types. Learners will apply their learning to the “Who wants to be an Engineer?” challenge and can follow up with their BEAR Cub Skills Challenge afterwards. Materials will be provided.
  • Session Two: BEAR Cub Bridge Engineers – This session will be focused on engineering, bridges and structures through providing a presentation showcasing the Forth Bridges and focussing on design, shape and strength. The design process will be introduced to learners before we outline the BEAR Cubs Design Challenge and explore the range of jobs and skills required to design and construct the strongest bridge they can. Learners will complete the Challenge in teams after the lesson. Full instructions and guidance will be provided.
  • Session Three: BEAR Cub Environmental Engineers – This aims to provide knowledge and understanding about road drainage and the ways we manage water to protect our environment, landscape and keep vehicles moving. Climate change and more extreme weather means this is more important than ever. Learners follow up by designing and creating water drainage solutions. Full instructions and guidance will be provided.
  • Session Four: BEAR Cub SUDS Engineers – Gaining knowledge and understanding of urban and natural landscapes learners find out about sustainable urban drainage solutions, gain understanding what they are, why they are required and the range of professions involved. Learners follow up with outdoor learning, creating a map of their playground, understanding scale and perspective and then designing a SUDs solution for their playground, local area etc. Full instructions and guidance will be provided.

DYW Context:
Engineering has many different career paths and a huge list of applicable skills. This course aims to highlight this diversity to learners and provide practical and relatable examples for learners to grasp how engineering applies in their world and across many different businesses and disciplines.

Additional Requirements:
Basic stationery materials for follow on challenges.

Other Info:
Teachers can sign up for one or more of the four sessions offered.

STEM, Engineer, Creativity, Bridges, Climate Change, Design, Scotland, Building, Problem Solving, Sustainability

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