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Young Scot

Course Type:
Type 2 - Workshops


Age Group:
S2, S3

Start/End Dates:
Available between Jan - Jun 2022

Timetable Availability:
Tuesdays/Thursdays (flexible times)

Number of Sessions:
Bespoke (standalone or multiple)

45 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:
Dependent on interest

Max Capacity:
20 - 30 pupils from 1 or 2 schools

Description: The Award will support young people to become more cyber resilient and learn how to protect themselves and their devices. They'll also learn to understand the role of data and information in relation to technology use – whilst reflecting on positive and negative impacts of technology use on their wellbeing. They'll develop an awareness of digital rights, identify job routes in cyber and digital, explore their skill sets, and be supported to pass on their knowledge gained to other learners. The award is hosted on Glasgow Kelvin College's learning platform. The materials and assessments are accessed online which provides learners with a self-guided element to work at their own speed and pace.

The live session(s) will introduce the award and walk learners through the six topic areas and how it impacts them.

The DigiKnow Award (SCQF Level 4) is open to learners from a variety of learning backgrounds – with a goal to support those who may be particularly vulnerable to online threats or facing barriers to their learning. The Award has been designed for young people, by young people, with our DigiKnow? Steering Group supporting on design and development. The Award covers six topic areas relating to young people's cyber resilience and online lives: practical cyber resilience, digital footprint, health and wellbeing online, online rights, career and learning opportunities and peer learning.

DYW Context:
The programme supports learners to build vital cyber and digital skills that will be critical in this changing landscape of careers.

Additional Requirements:
Individual devices required for schools to complete the online course activity and assessments. We'd like to target schools in lower SIMD or potentially work with individuals who may be slightly disengaged from regular classroom work or vulnerable to online harm.

Other Info:
As our award content is accessed via an online platform, we see learners moving through this in their own time. However, we can be adaptable in our approach as to whether we run sessions alongside the award which might help with engagement.

Cyber resilience, Digital Literacy, Misinformation, Digital Footprint, Online Safety

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