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This course have been delayed, cannot be registered for at the moment and deliver dates are TBC later this academic year.

Merck BioReliance

Course Type:
Type 2 - Workshops

Services and Health, Science

Age Group:
S3, S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available between 6th Sep - 31st Dec 2021

Timetable Availability:
Fully Flexible

Number of Sessions:

60 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:

Max Capacity:
We would like to have a maximum of 30 pupils and are happy to have multiple schools participate.

We would like to offer a minimum of 4 interactive workshops covering Molecular Biology and Biosafety testing.

Workshop 1: Cells and DNA- We would like young learners to be able to describe how cells function and the structure of DNA. We would like to include interactive break-out rooms and quizzes within the session. Young learners would hear about the function of basic cells within the body and how our DNA structure is intrinsic to our functioning/existence. Through learning about the structure of DNA, young learners will be able to describe how information is stored in our genome and the significance of this in health/disease.

Workshop 2: Molecular Genetics and Humans. To provide an overview of common and rare genetic diseases. Young learners will be able to describe the differences between hereditary conditions vs genetic diseases. During this session young learners will be give mini-case studies and asked questions on how to identify disease types. Following this we will learn about Molecular techniques to identify Genetic conditions (PCR, sequencing etc).

Workshop 3: Genomes, PCR and Sequencing. The expectation is that learners will be able to describe the basic principles of PCR and key steps within the process. In addition, young learners will be able to describe the key steps of sequencing and uses in Molecular Biology. Young learners will be hear from Next Generation sequencing scientists and help map out a genome.

Workshop 4: Pathogen Detection and BioSafety testing. Young learners will be able to describe the process of DNA extraction (a live demo will be performed and young learners can try this out at home/class too). Young learners will be able to describe the key principles of BioSafety testing and why we have testing of this nature in place. They will hear about real life examples of BioSafety testing and the impact this has on society and everyday life.

The aim is to have each session run for around 1 hour and to have interactive discussion, quizzes and demos where applicable. Each session will be run by a Molecular Biologist and we will also look to generate evaluation forms for each session with time for questions or follow-up discussions.

Additional Requirements:
As part of our SPARK Science and Education Volunteering program we want to ensure science is accessible to all and would like to focus on schools within low SIMD areas. We would require learners to have access to tablets and could provide lists of any practical materials required prior to initiating any workshops.

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