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DYW Live Space Week 2022

DYW Live Space Week 2022

As part of Space Week 2022 DYW Live is excited to offer a range of activities highlighting the the space sector.

DYW Live has collaborated with three fantastic industry partners who will be sharing latest developments and opportunities within the sector and the importance of sustainability. The format will be an open access webinar on the e-Sgoil webpage followed by a space lesson via teams that can be taken to enhance learning from the webinar or as a standalone activity.

If you would like to participate in the space week lesson via MS Teams following these webinars, please Click Here.

Tuesday 4th October

10:30-11:00 –Reducing the Impact of Space Launches

Can Space exploration be sustainable? Skyrora is reducing the environmental impact of launching
satellites into orbit, while at the same time dealing with plastic pollution.

Follow up lesson begins at 11:30-Register Here.

Wednesday 5th October

13:30-14:00 - James Webb Space Telescope
Martin Hendry

Launched just last year the JWST is already capturing some of the clearest photos ever taken of our solar system.
Join us to find out more about how & why the JWST came to be in orbit & the ‘big questions’ it might help us answer.

Follow up lesson begins at 14:15- Register Here.

Thursday 6th October

13:30-14:00- Sustainability of Remote Spaceports
Shetland Spaceport

More space launches are happening every year, increasing the number of launch sites required in increasingly remote locations.
Join us to find out how we make these locations sustainable & why is sustainability required.

Follow up lesson begins at 14:15- Register Here.