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Subject Choices 2023

A week of live input to help students navigate the process of subject choices.
09:45 sessions (repeated daily) - 45 minute sessions led by Peter Murray, Education Scotland.
10:45, 11:45 & 13:45 sessions - 30 minute sessions showing a range of careers picking certain subjects could lead to, with different focuses each day.

Date Time Theme
Monday 4th December 09:45  
  10:45 STEM
  11:45 STEM
  13:45 STEM
Tuesday 5th December 09:45  
  10:45 External Opportunities
  11:45 External Opportunities
  13:45 External Opportunities
Wednesday 6th December 09:45  
  10:45 Social Subjects & Languages
  11:45 Social Subjects & Languages
  13:45 Social Subjects & Languages
Thursday 7th December 09:45  
  10:45 Enterprise and Practical Subjects
  11:45 Enterprise and Practical Subjects
  13:45 Enterprise and Practical Subjects
Friday 8th December 09:45  
  10:45 Creative and Arts
  11:45 Creative and Arts

a craft table with various pens and pencils


A watch link for the live/recorded webinars will be emailed closer to the event.


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