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Delivery Partner:
Scotland's Enterprising Schools

Curriculum Links:
Business and Enterprise, Interdisciplinary or Other

Suitable Audience:
ELC, Primary and Secondary Teachers (CLPL)

Start/End Dates:
Available 5th September - Jun 2023

Timetable Availability:
Available on a Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday from 4pm onwards

Number of Sessions:
1 (standalone)

Session Duration:
90 minutes

Repetition Frequency:
Repeated bi-monthly

Max Capacity:
30 teachers per session

We will discuss how enterprise education is viewed in your school, explore the ways in which it links with school/national priorities and the impact it has on learners. Through collegiate discussion, we will analyse the challenges and share experiences of how to put enterprise into practice.

Leave feeling more confident with how to embed enterprise in your practice, a selection of free resources and a digital badge highlighting your commitment to using enterprise for the enhancement of learning and teaching in your setting.

DYW Context:
Entrepreneurship and enterprise are widely thought to be a major driver for economic growth, job creation and wider community development – three things that are essential for Scotland to flourish as a nation.

Young people need to be prepared for a world that is changing rapidly. Many of the jobs they will do when they leave school do not yet exist and they will probably have several jobs during their lifetime. They need to have the skills and attitudes to cope with an unpredictable future, to be able to deal with setbacks and disappointments in a positive way, and to continue to learn for the rest of their lives. This is where Enterprise in Education can play a part.

SES definition of Enterprise in Education: "Combining creative ideas and innovative practice across the curriculum to equip young people with a range of skills they can apply to their learning, life and work".

Additional Requirements:
Before attending, we ask that you familiarise yourself with Sections 1 & 2 of Enterprise 101: A Teacher’s Guide (approx. 20 mins), available for free download here https://bit.ly/3Nwzj2P.

Other Info:

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Skills, Project Based Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning, IDL

How DYW Live Works?:

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