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DYW Live presents Talk to a Farmer Week!

6th February - 10th February 2023

All these recorded sessions are available below to view on-demand!

Over the course of the week we will have a host of different farmers from across the country on hand to talk to your class about how different foods are produced. This year the focus is on farmers producing seeds and grains.

Each talk slot will last 30 minutes and consist of a video from the farm followed by the opportunity for your pupils to ask any questions they may have. Questions can also be submitted in advance using the links below each timetable.

As a guide, the talks are aimed predominately at second level. Please see the full timetable below highlighting which talks are suitable for which level.

6th February 2023

A Day in the Life of an Agronomist

Potato Farming

Upland Livestock Farming, Biodiversity and Renewables

Meet the Dairy Cows

7th February 2023

Robotic Dairy Farming

Pigs and Piglets

On the Farm With Jura the Sheepdog

Highland Cattle

8th February 2023

Learning About Amazing Oats

Find Out More About Farming and the Environment

Learn About Cattle and Sheep

Farm Gate To Plate

9th February 2023

Find Out About Blackface Sheep

Working as a Vet

Growing and Producing Rapeseed Oil in the Highlands of Scotland

A Look at a Mixed Farm Just Outside Aberdeen

10th February 2023

Meet the Cows and Sheep

Farmland Wildlife

Buying and Selling Grain

Anaerobic Digestors on the Farm

If you’ve enjoyed these sessions and would like more DYW sessions delivered Live into your classroom, please check out the full programme of DYW Live’s courses here.