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Delivery Partner:
Young Scot

Curriculum Links:
English and Literacy, Interdisciplinary or Other

Suitable Audience:
S1, S2 & S3

Start/End Dates:
Available 5th Sep - Jun 2023

Timetable Availability:
Can be delivered flexibly at a time which fits the school timetable on a Tuesday or Thursday (AM or PM)

Number of Sessions:

Session Duration:
45 Minutes

Repetition Frequency:
As often as required

Max Capacity:
1 school/unlimited pupils

To ensure young people have an awareness of what mis/disinformation is, how to spot it and have information literacy skills needed to challenge it.

  • Session One: What information literacy is, what skills are involved and why having these skills is important. We will also look at other key terminology associated with information literacy, such as misinformation, fake news and disinformation and the dangers of these.
  • Session Two: We will look at using the leaners’ new information literacy skills and will upskill them on how to spot misinformation in real-life contexts. We will also explore “bots” and how technology can be used to spread disinformation.
  • Session Three: The final session will focus on applying the new knowledge and skills that learners have gained during first two sessions. This will involve spotting misinformation and disinformation in a range of contexts such as online scams and supporting them to justify their choices.

DYW Context:
The ability to identify accurate and reliable information is not only essential for day-to-day life, but is also critical in the world of work. It’s particularly relevant in jobs in media, journalism, law and research. It also helps young people build skills that are useful both inside and out of the employment market.

Additional Requirements:
Webcam required, access to smartboard to present menti, individual devices required for pupils to fully participate.

Other Info:

Misinformation, Disinformation, Fake News, Digital Literacy, Information Literacy

How DYW Live Works?:

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