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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the dedicated page for the Mental Health learning sessions for all learners.

P7 – S1 Transition Mental Health Sessions

e-Sgoil have collaborated with mental health experts Headstrong to create some exciting learning opportunities to support learners with their mental health during transition from P7 to S1.

These consisted of two live class-based transition workshops and two live family learning sessions.

We have packaged all of these learning materials onto an interactive PDF that can be easily distributed and keeps everything in one place.  The resources are saved in a range of formats and on different platforms to try to ensure accessibility for all. Please note that you will need to be logged into Glow to access the videos on MS Stream.

Please click on the image opposite to open this PDF in a new window.

P7-S1 Transitions Intro - Teachers

P7-S1 Transitions Intro - Parents

Monday 30th May - Pupil Session 1 - Why don't brains like change?

A session where we talk about what happens to our mental health when we go through any big change. Can we do anything to prepare? What do I do when unexpected things happen? Is it normal to not feel 100% confident about what’s about to happen?

In this first session Brian will talk about how our brains learn new things and why it’s really important to give our brain time to catch up when our world changes.

Monday 30th May - Parent Session 1 - Understanding the mind of your child

The move from Primary to Secondary is, for many children, the biggest change they will have experienced in their lives. They will move from the comfort of Primary where they have grown up, made friends, been around the same teachers day in day out, to the much faster world of High School and its hectic world of new people, subjects, teachers, timetables and pressures.

In this session Brian will talk about the psychological changes that happen for our Primary 7s as they begin the next stage in their journey. What should you expect as a parent and how can you prepare for the next stage of your child’s life.

Parent/Carer Evaluation

Monday 6th June - Pupil Session 2 - Brain training For High School

In this session we’ll teach some simple strategies for dealing with common mental health problems by discussing how our mental health is an ‘inside out’ process. What this means is our mental health is not really about what is happening to us. It’s much more about how we think about what’s happening to us.

Brian will cover a range of simple strategies and understandings such as "What if…” spirals and how our brain makes all our emotions from thoughts not things.

Monday 6th June - Pupil Session 2 - Extra Questions

Monday 6th June Parent Session 2 -Saying the right things (and at the right time!)

Every parent has felt the pain of saying what they thought was the right thing only to find it, somehow, makes the situation worse or gets the instant feedback that it was very much the wrong thing. And this gets worse and more frequent the older they get.

In this session Brian will cover how to know the right thing to say and when the perfect time to say it is. Knowing just a few key, powerful questions can make you seem like parent of the year rather than parent facing a temper tantrum.

S1-3 and S4-6 Mental Health learning sessions

These live or pre-recorded sessions were produced in partnership with Headstrong and can be used as part of a series or standalone lessons.

We have created an interactive PDF containing all the resources and videos which were developed for S1-6 learners.

Click on the image to open this in a new window.

S1-3 Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning Sessions

We have six exciting sessions that were developed for young people in S1-3 focussing on Mental Health and Wellbeing. These were released weekly, commencing 24th January 2022, as part of the Mental Health series but each one can be used as a standalone learning session.

Who can use these?

Course Title Level Date/Time
1. How Mental is Mental Health? S1-3 24.1.22 (pre-record)
2. What is Normal? S1-3 31.1.22 (pre-record)
3. Becoming Ourselves S1-3 7.2.22 (pre-record)
4. Teaching People Who We Are S1-3 14.2.22 (pre-record)
5. Mission Impossible S1-3 21.2.22 (pre-record)
6. Hello to Motivation S1-3 28.2.22 (pre-record)

Lesson Plan: PDF

Lesson Plan: PDF

Lesson Plan: PDF

Lesson Plan: PDF

Lesson Plan: PDF

Lesson Plan: PDF

S4-6 Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning Sessions

In January 2022 we launched a series of four live Mental Health learning sessions for learners in S4-6. These sessions were led by Brian Costello, Director of Headstrong and also provided an opportunity for Q&A using the chat function. The recordings of these sessions can be viewed below. Please note that this is a four-part series on Mental Health and Wellbeing, however each one can be used as a stand-alone learning session.

Who can use these?

Course Title Level Date/Time
1. Understanding Our Feelings/Emotions - What is Mental Health and Wellbeing? S4-6 27.1.22/5:15-5:45PM (live)
2. Emotional Resilience - Managing Stress Overload and What Strategies May Work For You S4-6 3.2.22/5:15-5:45PM (live)
3. Overcoming Hurdles (Could Be Going Outside, Attending School, Exams) S4-6 10.2.22/5:15-5:45PM (live)
4. Positive Behaviours - Communication, Positive Relationships, Self-Esteem Boosters S4-6 17.2.22/5:15-5:45PM (live)

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