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Adam Smith's Panmure House

Course Type:
Type 2 - Workshops

Business and Enterprise, English and Literacy, Humanities

Age Group:
P6, P7, S1, S2

Start/End Dates:
Available from March 2022

Timetable Availability:
Fully Flexible

Number of Sessions:

45 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:

Max Capacity:
One class, up to 40 pupils

Debating is a critical skill for life within and beyond school, and a crucial way to reduce the attainment gap. This live session will introduce students and teachers to a debate format and demonstrate how they can work as a team to influence an audience. We aim to teach debating in a way that makes the skill less intimidating for new debaters. Together, we will work through key debating skills including research, how to work as a team and critically, how to listen to others.

DYW Context:
We believe the earlier students learn how to formulate their own opinions, conduct research, organise their thoughts for a debate and listen to the arguments of others, the better for their development and preparation for further education and the world of work. Demystifying and reducing the anxiety around debating is critical for students to succeed in the world of work and enable them to have meaningful discussions in any field of work. Critical thinking is a universally transferrable skill that supports any career and life path. Providing these skills will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening students’ skillsets and confidence to tackle life’s challenges. Our skills training can be applied to any subject matter and across year groups.

Additional Requirements:

Other Info:

Critical Thinking, Debate, Debating Skills, Scottish History, Scottish Enlightenment

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