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Welcome to the S1-3 programme page.

You will find details of all the live and recorded sessions and resources on this page. If you are looking for a specific programme you can navigate to it by clicking the programme name below:

S1-3 Learning Spaces

Robert Burns – Scotland’s National Bard

Who was Robert Burns and why is he an important figure in Scotland's heritage and culture? Explore the works and language of the world's most famous poet with a brand-new learning space. The package brings together interactive links, lessons and activities all connected to Scotland's national poet in time for Burns night on January 25th.

Click the image to access the Robert Burns Learning Spaces.

Winter Olympics Learning Space - How sustainable is artificial snow? What are the mountains of Scotland really like up close and personal? Why are Maths and Science so important in snow sports? Find out the answers to these and other wintry questions with our new Winter Olympics-themed interactive resource - created in partnership between e-Sgoil and West OS.

Click on the image to access the resource.

My Way

My Way' is an online video gallery featuring a diverse range of people talking about how they have achieved success in their chosen field. Contributors talk and answer questions about what it is they do, obstacles they may have overcome along the way, and the people who have supported and influenced them. 'My Way' is an inspirational resource, showing that there truly is 'no wrong path' for young people in Scotland today. The format is a brief presentation, followed by questions from learners using the interactive chat function. Sessions are broadcast live here however if you miss any of them they can be viewed on demand afterwards.

DYW Live Open-Access Webinars

At the start of 2022 our DYW Live partners contributed some additional,open-access webinars,open-access webinars to e-Sgoil's timetabled provision, which provided further support to learners at home during periods of remote learning or self-isolation. These work-related sessions were streamed live and are now available on demand here.

Information on our current DYW Live provision for 2022-23 can be found here.

Health & Wellbeing Chill Space

You can access our Health & Wellbeing Chill Space here.

It is suitable for BGE and Senior Phase learners with resources for inspiration, relaxation and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Chill Space

S1-3 Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning Sessions

We have 6 exciting sessions which were developed for young people in S1-3 focussing on Mental Health and Wellbeing. These were originally released weekly as part of the Mental Health series but each one can be used as a stand alone learning session. For further information and to access the resources click here.

e-Sgoil Big Questions

A set of 20, interactive, IDL and discovery-based learning prompts, curated resources and tasks for use in your classroom both in-person and remotely. The mixed level resources may be suitable for young people working toward the end of Second Level up to Fourth Level of the Broad General Education. The resource is intended as a starting point for you to use in your own practice.

Teacher Guide

We have prepared a brief guide on the resource for use by teachers. Download the guide as a PDF file here.

Big Questions

You can find all 20 Big Questions in the summary learning space below or in the table in the teacher guide.


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Additional Resources

Please find resources below which were delivered as live events during periods of school closure in 2021.

Thursday 25th Feb

Education Scotland: Money Smart-Be money savvy

Tuesday 23rd Feb

Education Scotland: No wrong pathway

Thursday 18th Feb

Young Scot and #AyeFeel- Looking after your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Tuesday 16th Feb

YoungScot and #AyeFeel- Your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Thursday 11th Feb

Young Scot and #AyeFeel- Looking after your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Tuesday 9th Feb

YoungScot and #AyeFeel- Your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Thursday 4th Feb

Will Creativity Skills get you a job?

Tuesday 2nd Feb

How to be more creative

Thursday 28th Jan

30 Minute fire Up with Gavin Oattes Part 2
(for S4-S6)

Tuesday 26th Jan

30 minute Fire Up with Gavin Oattes Part 1
(for S1-S3)

Thursday 21st Jan

DYW Live: Who are Young Scot?

Tuesday 19th Jan

DYW Live: Exploring Digital Enterprise

Thursday 14th Jan

Find your inner Gold with Karen Darke, Gold medal-winning Paralympian

Tuesday 12th Jan

Bringing Social Enterprise to life

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