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Delivery Partner:
Social Enterprise Academy

Curriculum Links:
Business and Enterprise, Health and Wellbeing, Interdisciplinary or Other

Suitable Audience:
P5, P6, P7, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available 24th Oct - 16th Dec 2022

Timetable Availability:
Can be delivered flexibly at a time which fits the school timetable on a Monday - Friday (AM or PM)

Number of Sessions:
1 (standalone)

Session Duration:
60 minutes

Repetition Frequency:
As often as required

Max Capacity:
35 pupils from up to 10 schools

This standalone session offers an introduction to social enterprise as a business model, looking at different scenarios involved in running a business and provides young people with the opportunity to reflect upon their own skills and qualities, asking themselves the question, 'Who do I want to be?'


  • Explore key values and concepts of social enterprise as a business model
  • Consider own choices about how to run a social enterprise
  • Identify key skills, attributes and personal qualities of a social entrepreneur
  • Reflect upon own self and consider what skills, attributes and personal qualities are important to you

This Introduction to Social Enterprise session is a stepping stone onto taking part in Social Enterprise Schools with a group / class of young people. Should teachers wish to take part in Social Enterprise Schools with a group / class of young people, you can do so via DYW Live in January:

Social Enterprise Schools – An 8-week block where learners will develop their own social enterprise, culminating with an online Dragons' Den via DYW Live (January to March).

DYW Context:
Looking at skills and personal qualities, young people have the opportunity to identify what it takes to be a social entrepreneur, make decisions about the running of a social enterprise and then be able to reflect upon their skills and attributes to consider - 'Who do you want to be?'

Through taking part in Social Enterprise Schools, young people through the experience of setting up and running a social enterprise develop key employability and enterprising skills.

Additional Requirements:
Webcam and microphone required for whole class delivery and participation.

Other Info:
Those who set up and run a social enterprise they may be eligible for an Award at our Annual Social Enterprise Academy Awards in June 2023.

Social Enterprise, Employability, LfS, Skills, Business, Interdisciplinary, Finance, Literacy, Mental Health, Inequality, Racism, Climate Change and Pupil Voice

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