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Delivery Partner:
Skills Development Scotland – My World of Work Live

Curriculum Links:
Maths, Numeracy and Finance, Computing

Suitable Audience:
P7, S1, S2, S3

Start/End Dates:
Available 21st Nov - Jun 2023

Timetable Availability:
Can be delivered flexibly at a time which fits the school timetable on a Monday - Friday (AM or PM)

Number of Sessions:
1 (standalone)

Session Duration:
45 minutes

Repetition Frequency:
As often as required

Max Capacity:
Up to 10 classes of 30 pupils per session

Building on skills learned in Cracking Cryptography, we explore cryptocurrency and step into the shoes of a crypto miner while learning about jobs in FinTech. Cryptocurrency is widely used today and in this activity, you'll have the chance to learn more about it, what the benefits are and how it works. Using math skills and learning more about how transactions will work with Cryptocurrency, this will give them an insight to the different career opportunities in FinTech and the different skills required.

DYW Context:
Understanding the skills needed for future jobs.

Additional Requirements:
Each learner will need a digital device (tablet, iPad, laptop or PC).

Other Info:

Virtual Money, Crypto Currency, Careers, Skills, Future Jobs, Maths, Code, Programming, Finance, Digital

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