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CICA - Agency of the Ministry of Justice

Course Type:
Type 2 - Workshops

English and Literacy, Humanities

Age Group:
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available between 10th Jan - Jun 2022

Timetable Availability:

Number of Sessions:
1 (standalone)

60 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:

Max Capacity:
12 - 16 pupils

A practical exercise that looks at fairness and justice in the interpretation and application of law.

Aims of the session:
1. To consider information and make advised decisions based on that information.
2. To learn about the types of debates/issues which are raised by law, and by work in Government.

The Minister for Magic is responsible for issuing wand licences under the Wand Licence Regulations which were made under the Magic Act 1789. The Minister must apply the law correctly although under the regulations she has a wide discretion. She must have good reasons for making decisions, and decisions must be made under a fair process. She should take into account relevant factors and not take into account irrelevant factors. As a decision maker she should not be biased and should act in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The Minister should not discriminate against people on the basis of protected characteristics in particular in relation to age, race, disability, religion or belief.

In this session, students will divide into groups. Each team will discuss whether the Ministers interpretation of the regulations is correct and fair when considering individual wand licence applications. Once the teams have discussed the individual cases, they will have time to explain their answers and discuss their reasoning with the rest of the group. After hearing views on her application of the regulations and the fairness of her decisions, the Minister has decided that the regulations are out of date and wants to draft some new regulations that make a fairer system for issuing wand licenses. The teams will break into their teams to discuss what should be considered when drafting these new regulations.

DYW Context:
Developing and implementing legislation and supporting the Government to carry out its policy decisions.

Additional Requirements:
Priority would be to low SIMD schools.

Other Info:

Ministry of Justice, Wand law

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