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Young Enterprise Scotland

Course Type:
Type 4 - Certified Courses (including Foundation Apprenticeships)

Business and Enterprise

Age Group:
S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Available between 6th Sep - 31st Jul 2022 (This is a year-long course so signups are only available until Friday 8th October 2021)

Timetable Availability:
Fully Flexible (PM only)

Number of Sessions:

45 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:
Once over academic year

Max Capacity:

Running over the course of a full academic year, young people from S5 & S6 start up their own student company, running through the key milestones of developing an idea, conducting market research, creating the product or service, promoting that product and ultimately trading it.

Company Programme can be used to provide a real-life context to many subject areas — design and computing involved in the design of the product, English to develop the persuasive language for marketing, or Maths to establish a profitable selling price - students' involvement in Company Programme provides a rich real-life learning experience. hools have also used Company Programme to support groups of young people who may require additional intervention due to low self-esteem, lack of confidence or social challenges.

For the first time, by signing up through DYW Live, Lead Teachers have the opportunity to build links with other schools as they progress through Company Programme. This could also be a route for remote students from a number of schools to work together to create one company.

Schools may wish to register for SCQF Level 6 Accreditation.

Additional Requirements:
Participating schools will liaise with their Local Area Team and Business Advisors to arrange sessions to suit.

Other Info:
Company Programme runs digitally and in-person throughout Scotland and is open to all S5 & S6 students. There is also specific provision for ASN through 'Team Programme' and the option to register for SCQF Level 3 Accreditation (15 credit points).

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