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Course Type:
Type 1 - Webinars

Maths, Numeracy and Finance, Technology and Engineering, Science

Age Group:
S3, S4, S5, S6


Start/End Dates:
Available from 2nd May 2022

Timetable Availability:
Wednesdays (afternoon)

Number of Sessions:

60 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:

Max Capacity:
Unlmited schools, up to 40 YSLs

The SCQF Level 4 Young STEM Leader Award is a nationally recognised qualification that enables young people to support, engage and inspire others in STEM in their school, community or youth group. The course focusses on identifying the impact of STEM on people, society and the environment locally, nationally and internationally. Young STEM Leaders (YSLs) will deliver activities, events or interactions which share this impact with others. In addition, YSLs are encouraged to explore and improve their own leadership and teamworking skills and qualities within their learning community.

This can be demonstrated by:
1. Planning, creating and delivering STEM activities, events or interactions
2. Supporting and developing STEM knowledge and understanding for individuals or small groups
3. Collaborating and sharing on STEM research and outreach

On completion of the award, the Young STEM Leader will be able to plan, lead and evaluate STEM activities, events and interactions which promote the impact of STEM. SCQF Credit Points - 3. The award is included on Insight.

Weekly Breakdown:
Note: Week 1 is a double session containing Sessions 1 & 2

Session 1: Introduction to the Young STEM Leader Programme at SCQF L4

  • Overview of the course
  • Setting up online Young STEM Leader accounts
  • Begin to think about what STEM activities young people will lead
  • Post-session: activate Young STEM Leader accounts online

Session 2: Setting goals (LO1: Understand the skills and qualities needed for effective, inclusive leadership; LO2: Be able to improve leadership skills and qualities)

  • Explore different skills and qualities that are important for leadership. Skills: communication, planning, problem solving, decision making, teamwork, presentation. Qualities: patience, resilience, honestly, motivation, accountability.
  • Consider skills and qualities we already have, and those that could be improved.
  • Set goals for the rest of the course to improve these skills and qualities.
  • Post-session: Complete YSL4 Log Task 1

Session 3: Working as a team (LO3: Understand how to work as part of a team in their learning community)

  • Consider why teamwork is important within their learning community
  • Research famous or familiar teams (e.g. sports, music groups, STEM teams, friendship groups) to discuss what makes a team successful
  • Post-session: Complete YSL4 Log Task 2

Session 4: Impact of STEM (LO4: Understand how STEM activities, events and interactions can be used to demonstrate the impact of STEM)

  • Explore local, national and international examples of where STEM has made an impact on their own life, society or the environment. Local, e.g.: speed bumps being installed on roads, ramps for wheelchair users, high speed internet being installed. National, e.g.: new wind farms, high speed rail travel, introducing predator species. International, e.g.: advances in space travel, climate change interventions, electric cars.
  • Explore negative impacts of STEM and how they can be overcome.
  • Post-session: Complete YSL4 Log Task 3

Session 5: STEM in Scotland (LO4: Understand how STEM activities, events and interactions can be used to demonstrate the impact of STEM)

  • Explore the past and present inventions, people and industries in Scotland that are linked to STEM, and the impact of these developments.
  • Research current developments in STEM that are undertaken by people from a diverse range of categories and background.
  • YSLs consider the impact of STEM that they would like to share during their activity, event or interaction.
  • Post-session: Complete YSL4 Log Task 5

Session 6: Planning safe activities, events and interactions (LO5: Understand the importance of health and safety when leading STEM activities, events or interactions; LO6: Plan STEM activities, events or interactions)

  • Understand why staying safe is important during delivering STEM activities, events or interactions.
  • Finish plan for activities, events or interactions.

Session 7: Drop in during STEM Leadership activities – YSLs can ask for support or help with completing their Logs. (N/B: YSLs must complete 4 hours of STEM Leadership to be eligible for the award)

Session 8: Reflect and review (LO2 recap: Be able to improve leadership skills and qualities; LO8: Be able to review a STEM activity, event or interaction)

  • YSLs evaluate their activities, events and interactions by seeking the views of others.
  • YSLs are asked to present this feedback in their Young STEM Leader Log

DYW Context:
This programme aims to engage all learners in STEM and find its presence and impact in places where it may not be obvious; widening the context of STEM is key to increasing participation. YSLs and their peers are strongly encouraged to seek out and deliver a broad range of STEM activities through which they will develop social, leadership and employability skills. Those less engaged with STEM still rely on its benefits and products. Raising their awareness of the STEM hidden within our everyday lives and interests can be a catalyst for their engagement. Throughout the course YSLs are encouraged to consider where STEM may be used in the world of work, from obvious to more obscure examples.

Additional Requirements:
Priority will be given to low SIMD schools. At least one teacher in the school is expected to become a Tutor Assessor if there are none within the school at the moment, this involves 1 x 2 hour training session delivered online by SSERC. This will enable the continuation of the award in school for any pupils that aren't able to complete within the online course time.

Other Info:
Alternative days/times may be available upon request.

STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Leadership, Employability, Teamwork, Digital

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