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SSERC (Young STEM Leader Programme)

Course Type:
Type 4 - Certified Courses (including Foundation Apprenticeships)

Maths, Numeracy and Finance, Science, Technology and Engineering

Age Group:
S4, S5, S6

Start/End Dates:
Course will run between 6th Sep - 30th Jun 2022 (however signups are only open until October 8th 2021)

Timetable Availability:
Wednesdays (3pm)

Number of Sessions:
12+ (weekly - excluding school holidays)

60 Minutes


Repetition Frequency:

Max Capacity:
20 pupils maximum from one or multiple schools

The SCQF Level 5 Young STEM Leader Award is a qualification that enables young people to support, engage and inspire others in STEM in their school, community or youth group. The course focusses on identifying current and future opportunities in STEM that are available to young people locally, nationally and internationally. Young STEM Leaders (YSLs) will deliver activities, events or interactions which will share these opportunities with others. In addition, YSLs are encouraged to explore their own potential in STEM and how they may access the opportunities that STEM offers.

This can be through:

  • Planning, creating and delivering STEM activities, events or interactions
  • Supporting and developing STEM knowledge and understanding with individuals or small groups
  • Collaborating and sharing on STEM research and outreach

The course is divided in to eight learning outcomes that will allow the young person to explore their personal leadership skills and qualities, identify opportunities in STEM, understand duty of care/health and safety and eventually plan, deliver and evaluate STEM activities, events or interactions for other people.

The approximate completion time is 25 hours and on completion YSLs will gain 3 credit points at SCQF Level 5.

An introductory Teacher CLPL course is available to provide more information: https://e-sgoil.com/introduction-to-the-young-stem-leader-programme/.

DYW Context:
This course enables young people to understand opportunities, pathways and futures available in STEM locally, nationally and internationally. It will allow young people to share these opportunities with other people within their learning community by delivering engaging STEM activities.

Additional Requirements:
Priority will be given to schools that are not already a YSLP delivering centre, or who are not already delivering the YSL5 award in-house.

Other Info:
The course will be delivered via a series of online engagements by the Young STEM Leader team at SSERC who will act as the Tutor Assessors for the cohort of Young STEM Leaders. There will be an expectation for any course participants to lead activities, events or interactions in their own schools/communities and be observed by a nominated staff member within their school. Staff at SSERC will undertake all assessment and quality assurance activity to allow the young people to achieve the award.

This is the first time the course will be delivered in this way so the timings are flexible - I expect a series of around 12 online engagements should be sufficient to support any YSLs through the course although this is subject to change.

Throughout the programme YSLs are encouraged to create their own activities, events or interactions, however, due to the online format it may be more appropriate to provide more structured activity ideas, for example running STEM careers events in school in conjunction with STEM Ambassadors.

STEM, Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Careers, Apprenticeships, Digital Skills

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