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Communication and Networking Skills Session

Delivery Partner:
Business Stream

Curriculum Links:
Mathematics & Numeracy, Sciences, Skills & Interdisciplinary Learning, Technologies
Suitable Audience:
S4, S5, S6
Start/End Dates:
September 2023 to June 2024
Timetable Availability:
On Demand Monday to Friday
Number of Sessions:
Session Duration:
45 minutes
Repetition Frequency:
Max Capacity:
30 Learners

The one-off session is designed to provide students with practical tips on how they can improve their communication skills, covering both verbal communications (presentations / participating in inter-active sessions) and written communications. The aim, in addition to covering the importance of practicing communication skills, will give the students lots of simple but effective advice on how they can improve their communication skills and gain confidence when networking or presenting. If helpful, the session can include a segment on careers in communications.

DYW Context:
Communication skills is a core skill so this session will be relevant to every student, regardless of their future career plans and will be particularly helpful to those starting to prepare for life after school e.g. job interviews, writing their University applications.

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