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i-Sgoil is a provision which seeks to support learners from across Scotland who have been unable to engage with their local school for an extended period of time. It caters for learners between P2 and S6 allowing young people to re-engage with learning from their ‘safe space’ in a way that avoids many anxiety or sensory triggers. i-Sgoil learners remain on their local school roll and our staff work closely with local school staff to support learners and their families on an ongoing basis.

i-Sgoil allows for learners to be part of a live, interactive learning community and provides young people with a broad curricular offer, with the opportunity for those in S4-6 to gain SQA qualifications and awards. Although we would ultimately wish to see learners transition back to a local school, we recognise that this will not always be possible for some.

i-Sgoil is currently full and not accepting new referrals. A waiting list form is available which schools can use to register a learner’s details. Please note that the waiting list is lengthy and that we cannot guarantee a place to all whose name is added.


Details of current i-Sgoil timetables are available below.



BGE S1&2

BGE S1&2


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i-Sgoil Waiting List

i-Sgoil is currently closed to new referrals. This form can be used by schools or local authorities to provide details of any learner they would wish to see added to a waiting list.


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