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Introduction To Podcasting

Delivery Partner:
New College Lanarkshire

Curriculum Links:
Social Studies, Technologies
Suitable Audience:
S3, S4, S5, S6
Start/End Dates:
November 2023 to February 2024
Timetable Availability:
Delivery time negotiable. Signups close in November.
Number of Sessions:
Session Duration:
1.5 hours with self-directed study
Repetition Frequency:
After the initial 12 week programme, a new cohort could start in March for another 12 week session.
Max Capacity:
16 learners from multiple schools per cohort.

We’re really excited to be able to offer this college course provided by New College Lanarkshire via DYW Live and delivered directly learners into schools via Teams Glow.

By registering for this course you will be added to the team to discuss logistics and requirements for the course with our NCL partners.

Unlike many of our DYW Live sessions, Teachers need not participate, learners will be added to the team directly to participate in the sessions.

The time for delivery will be agreed on a first come first served basis with additional learners (within capacity) welcome to also join if the timings work for them.

Requirements for the learner:

  • The learner will need to enrol in the college. All participating learners will be sent a link to complete this.
  • Introduction to podcasting requires the learner to have two periods available in their timetable to commit for the twelve weeks.
  • They will require an individual device to work on for the sessions that has a working webcam and microphone to fully engage.
  • A suitable, quiet, and distraction free location where they can participate in the lessons.
  • A positive attitude towards learning and active engagement in the remote delivery.

Requirements for the school:

  • A teacher key contact for the learners needs to be identified. They will be added to the Team so they have oversight, will be kept informed of learner progress and facilitate any in-school support required
  • Invigilation by a teacher in the classroom will be required while assessments/exams are occurring. There will also be remote invigilation from the college.
  • It is strongly recommended learners complete their enrolment with a teacher present in the room to support any difficulties.

For a full breakdown of the course click here.

The SQA unit Creating Media Content is included in the course, click here for more info.

The course is a fun and interactive introduction to podcasting designed specifically for school children. In this course, students will embark on an exciting journey to discover the world of podcasting, exploring various aspects of audio storytelling, production, and hosting. Through a combination of hands-on activities, group discussions, and creative exercises, participants will gain practical skills and knowledge to create their own podcasts.


  1. Foster Creativity
  2. Enhance Communication Skills
  3. Promote Digital Literacy
  4. Encourage Collaboration
  5. Boost Confidence and Presentation Skills
  6. Cultivate Critical Thinking
  7. Promote Empathy and Empowerment

The course aims to inspire and empower school children to become confident storytellers and creators in the world of podcasting. By providing them with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge, this course will unleash their imagination, foster collaboration, and ignite a passion for audio storytelling.

DYW Context:
This course will engage young people by delivering diverse and personalised pathways and experiences and re-engage young people through contextualised learning experiences.

Additional Requirements:
Webcam required. Schools will be informed of any software requirements that are required. Pupils will be encouraged to use their smart phones to record voice samples.

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How DYW Live Works?:

Further questions?

Check out our FAQ on the DYW page here.

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