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Maths Week Scotland 2023 Videos

To Celebrate Maths Week Scotland, DYW Live held a day of live webinars. The theme this year was 'Maths in motion' so we're bringing employers where motion is fundamental to their business to talk about the maths they use day to day.


Dr Anastasia

Being an Associate Professor of Mathematics at University of West London, I would like to talk about the learning path I took from school years to higher education, and how my thirst for knowledge and passion for Mathematics allowed me to become an academic, a STEM ambassador and also to create develop and a committee within our University called WInSTEM that aims to provide inspiration, motivation, and support to women and young girls who want to pursue studies or careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) subject areas. With this opportunity and in order to promote gender equality, I would like to inform and to emphasise to young learners about the significant contributions of famous women mathematicians, accentuating that mathematics is accessible to everyone.

Stream Marine Careers

Stream Marine Careers are going to talk about the maths required to work at sea sailing on ships and boats.


FirstBus are going to explain how maths is core to their business from ticket prices to timetabling to how many buses and drivers they need.


Rosemary will talk about her work at TNEI, a consultancy for the energy sector, and explain how maths is crucial to her work, whether that is predicting when the electricity cables running to your house will need replacing or figuring out how many wind turbines can you build at your wind farm without damaging the power lines it's connected to. This all involves lots of maths: modelling relationships between the weather and wind power, how much electricity people use, when electric cars are charged and much more!

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