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i-Sgoil FAQs

i-Sgoil is an online education provision which enables young people whose learning has been interrupted through ill health or other factors to continue with their education.

Learners remain on their own school roll for as long as they are engaged with i-Sgoil. Schools defer the provision of teaching and learning to i-Sgoil and we work in partnership together.

i-Sgoil is currently funded as part of the National e-Learning Offer for session 2023-24 and, as such, there is currently no cost to schools, local authorities or parents/carers.

i-Sgoil is for any primary or secondary interrupted learner who is willing to engage and meets the three criteria below:

  • has been unable to engage with learning and teaching within their local school for a minimum of three months
  • has not responded positively to alternative strategies to re-engage with learning (e.g. phased return/reduced timetable)

has either:

  • an education Child Plan (CP) or a Coordinated Support Plan (CSP) or
  • involvement with Integrated Services/Multi-agency Support

The first stage of the referral process is for a school key contact to complete an online form for the learner being referred. Referrals from parents/carers cannot be processed. i-Sgoil is currently at capacity and schools can access a waiting list here.

Live, interactive lessons will be delivered online by specialist teachers using Microsoft Teams through the Glow platform.

The primary provision will focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing including project-based, inter-disciplinary learning. BGE S1-3 provision will cover a broad range of subject areas grouped under themes such as STEAM, Digital Skills & Humanities. Senior Phase S4-6 provides a range of non-exam courses in addition to English and Maths.

An i-Sgoil timetable which best meets the needs of each learner can be agreed with the learner, school and parent/carer. For some this will be part time, whereas for others it will resemble a full-time timetable. There will be opportunities to review this throughout the year.

Classes are timetabled for Monday to Friday. Timings are broadly similar to normal school day hours, with a slightly later start to the day.

This will differ for each learner. The long term aim for the majority of primary learners would be to see them reintegrated back into their local school. Secondary learners may also return to their local school after a period, although we recognise that this will not happen in all cases.

Learners will need full access to Glow (Scotland’s national, online, education environment) a laptop/tablet with video capability, a headset, internet connectivity and a suitable study space. Schools or local authorities are asked to confirm, as part of the referral process, that each learner has the necessary kit to enable them to join classes.

Learners will not be forced to speak or use their camera if they do not wish to. i-Sgoil seeks to remove barriers and anxiety triggers so as to allow for learners to re-engage with learning in a way they feel comfortable with. Over time, as learners become more confident, it may be that they feel ready to engage in a more vocal and visible manner.

Classes are held online with the majority of i-Sgoil learners joining lessons from their own homes. Where learners are not at home, a suitable, private study space should be provided.

Classes are typically smaller than in a regular school.

i-Sgoil’s Principal Teacher of Guidance works closely with schools, parents/carers and i-Sgoil teachers and will communicate with all key contacts. The i-Sgoil PT Guidance will liaise with schools at regular intervals and can input into meetings as required. An online Information Sharing Portal is currently being piloted in some sections of i-Sgoil.

i-Sgoil will provide tracking and monitoring reports to schools on a regular basis.

An attendance summary for each learner is shared with all schools on a regular basis.

Each school is expected to present its own learners for all auto-approved SQA courses. Learners can sit exams in line with SQA’s remote assessment guidelines if required.

Each school will be responsible for the fee associated with presenting its own learners.

The administration of remote and on-site assessments will be the responsibility of each school.

Each school retains responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of its own learners including statutory requirements. i-Sgoil’s Principal Teacher of Guidance will provide learners with regular support and work in partnership with school-based colleagues.

‘I have enjoyed being able to learn from home and get the chance to be learning again’

‘Everyone in the class is out of school for some reason so nobody is different’

‘I think because there are only a few people in the class it feels like a comfortable environment.’

‘Go ahead and do it, just give it a chance!’

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i-Sgoil Waiting List

i-Sgoil is currently closed to new referrals. This form can be used by schools or local authorities to provide details of any learner they would wish to see added to a waiting list.


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