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DYW Live 2021-22

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Welcome to DYW Live!

This exciting partnership between employers and organisations from around Scotland is delivered by e-Sgoil and Education Scotland. DYW Live provides live sessions that support learners' development of employability skills, career pathways and industry connections.

DYW Live Academic Year 2021-22

DYW Live continues for the 2021-22 academic year and is open to teacher registrations.

Courses will deliver an exciting, year-long programme of work-related learning including webinars, workshops, certificated courses and virtual work placements. A full listing of the available AY21-22 courses is searchable via the drop-down menus below.

A link to the registration form can be found on the information page for each individual course.

If you are struggling to access the registration form, please ensure you are logged into Glow via RM Unify and check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

For any queries please contact e-Sgoil: e-sgoil@gnes.net

Whilst the level of Covid-19 related school disruption we'll face in the coming weeks is currently unknown, you can be assured that DYW Live will be here to support schools and learners with our remotely delivered sessions. For schools who have arranged - or would like to arrange - a session in January but have learners isolating at home, please get in touch using our contact details and we'll do our best to support you to have those learners attend the sessions directly, so they can participate with the rest of the class.

DYW Live Open-Access Webinars

In addition to our regular DYW Live provision, our partners are contributing some additional, open-access webinars to e-Sgoil's timetabled provision for January, to provide further support to learners at home during periods of remote learning or self-isolation. These work-related sessions are shown on the timetable at the top of this page and will be streamed directly to the appropriate page under the “Our Programmes” menu tab. These sessions will provide an opportunity for Q&A via a chat function and no registration is required.

Previous DYW Live, Pathways Week and Scottish Careers Week content can be found under Recent Events.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

How DYW Live works is explained in this graphic:

You have now been automatically added to the Team for the course(s) you have signed up for.

The partner leading the team will be in touch to discuss your attendance – this may involve agreeing a day/time for a flexible course or simply confirming there is still space for a course being delivered at a fixed date and time.

If you have any questions about the course, want to request a specific date/time or your learners have any additional needs, these are best communicated to the partner within the “Questions and Answers” channel in the course Team.

You need to be logged into Glow to access the form. All our courses are delivered via Microsoft Teams within Glow, so you will need to be logged into Glow to attend them also.

This error means you are trying to access the form using a non-Glow Microsoft account.

First please ensure you are logged into Glow. If you are still receiving the error, it is likely because your browser is set to automatically use your non-Glow account whenever using Microsoft applications. The two simplest ways around this are:

  1. Use a browser you do not use (e.g if you use Edge, use Chrome instead). You should then be able to log into Glow in this browser and the form will use your Glow account instead.
  2. Use an incognito window within Chrome as this will ignore all your default settings. You can then log into Glow again within the incognito window and should be able to access the form.

DYW Live is delivered through the teacher in the classroom, therefore unfortunately we’re unable to have learners sign up for DYW Live courses directly.

We can invite any members of your class who are self-isolating on the day of delivery to attend the session directly, so please let us know if this happens.

Please email alittley1x@gnes.net who will be able to discuss this with you.

Please contact alittley1x@gnes.net who will be able to answer your query.

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